About Us

DUALCO manufactures Lubrication Equipment for the maintenance of Plug Valves, Ball Valves, and Gate Valves. Equipment for pumping injectable packing into high performance pumps is also manufactured. DUALCO products include everything from small hand-held Grease Guns to large self-contained Lubrication Skid Units.


Many DUALCO products are used to lubricate valves in the Pipeline Industry as well

as for gathering, transmission, or distribution of natural gas, or other products. Wellhead lubrication on land and offshore is conducted using DUALCO equipment. Many Refineries, Chemical Plants, Factories, Mills, and Municipal Utility Districts use DUALCO guns and products.






The foundation for DUALCO was laid in the 1950s. One of the founders, Lee Reed, came from McEvoy Valves in Houston, Texas. Lubrication Equipment was manufactured under the name of Hypar Instrument Company from 1960 until 1978, when the DUALCO name was established.


DUALCO’s primary focus is manufacturing lubrication devices that include products such as Hydraulic Grease Guns, Push Type Utility Grease Guns, and the Squeeze Tube Grease Gun lines. Other manufactured products include Fitting Adapters and Service Tools, Button Head Couplers, Special Fittings and Accessories. Also, Air- and Manual-Operated Bulk Systems, Air/Hydraulic Injection Guns and Skid-Mounted Lubrication Units are manufactured.


Some product lines DUALCO manufactures were purchased from competitors and date to the 1940s. New products are continually added, including those under patent protection.


All Guns, Couplers, Fittings, and Nozzle Accessories manufactured by DUALCO have a proven history of quality performance and are well suited to meet lubrication requirements for a wide variety of applications. Some of the products DUALCO manufactures have been in use for over 70 years.


Whether it is specialty grease, sealant, or packing that is to be applied, or a special hardware application that is needed, DUALCO has the right products. DUALCO has many options from which to build the correct coupler, fitting or nozzle accessory combination for the intended application. Special service and custom products are produced to customer specifications.


One of Dualco’s popular lube devices comes from the Squeeze Tube Grease Gun line; model 10350 is used to lubricate Industrial Air Tools, and is used in the Bicycle Industry. Model 700231 from the Push Type Utility Grease Gun is another popular model used in the Forestry Industry to lubricate chain saws, and is also used to lubricate Bicycle components and Industrial Air Tools. Valve Lube Sealants and Valve Cleaners are also offered.


DUALCO has service replacement parts available for most product lines

and does repair work or rebuilding on all major product lines.



DUALCO has been producing Professional

lubrication products since 1960. Products

are made and assembled in the USA.

100% repairable and recyclable.