Foot Operated Hydraulic Injection Gun

The DUALCO Model 11725 Foot-Operated Hydraulic Injection Gun is a rugged, easy to operate, light-weight unit providing an extremely fast discharge rate. When compressed air is not available, this gun is ideal. It comes complete with an all aluminum frame, a 10,000 psi hydraulic pump, and a 14oz “K” barrel.

This extremely versatile gun works well both on and offshore and is recommended for field, plant, and platform applications. It is designed to pump standard and special materials including highly viscous lubricants, sealants, packing, and cleaners into ball and plug valves. This gun is adaptable for injecting liquids. The Model 11725 is also used for hydrostatic and applied testing on pipelines and wellheads.


• Inquire regarding other available models
and hose assembly options.





Uses for the DUALCO Foot Operated hydraulic injection gun include:


• Injecting materials into valves and pumps when a fast controlled discharge rate is advantageous.

• Working in extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

• Pipelines conveying chemicals, crude or refined oil, natural gas, lpg, hydrocarbon & other fuels, pumping & compressor stations, refineries & chemical plants.

• Steel mills, lumber & paper mills, gas & oil drilling / production fields, asphalt, rubber, water & sewage treatment plants, heavy equipment, manufacturing, mining, marine, industrial and municipal utilities.


• Works well when pumping valve flush, valve cleaners and valve
lube sealants into ball and plug valves.



One “k” size stick, 12 oz.
Barrel Size
14 oz.
12 oz. in 30-60 Seconds
1 oz. per 12 Strokes
Self Priming Hydraulic Pump
Discharge Hose Length
6 feet (Standard)
Giant Buttonhead Coupler (other outlet sizes available)
Operating Pressure
10,000 psi
Net Weight
33 pounds
Shipping Weight
37 pounds
Box Dimensions
26” x 18” x 11”
Warning: Even though this product can rapidly inject a lube stick into a valve in 30-60 seconds; it is not always advantageous to do so. In some circumstances, certain valves can be damaged with rapid, over-lubrication. Consult with the valve manufacturer for specific information and recommendations.



• Tamper proof internal relief valve.
• Compact & Portable
• Handle used as a push rod to return barrel piston and to lock/unlock barrel cap.
• Superior pumping performance with lubricants, sealants, packing and cleaners.
• Easily serviceable and all parts are readily available.
• Easily refilled with sticks or bulk.
• Heavy duty metal construction.
• “Sure Grip” surfaces.
• Corrosion Resistant.
• Made in USA


Operate with Caution

and Safety.




DUALCO has been producing Professional lubrication products since 1960. Products are made and assembled in the USA. • 100% repairable and recyclable.