Screw Prime Grease Guns

DUALCO Screw Prime Grease Guns are designed for low and high pressure applications. Benefits include ease of operation and smooth efficiency. Usable in any position, these guns are rugged, long lasting, precision manufactured and are designed for high temperature and harsh environment services such as steam, hot oil, hot compressed gas, and offshore. DUALCO Screw Prime Grease Guns are the most durable and dependable guns in their class, outperforming inadequate, conventional commodity grease guns.





Models 10600 & 10680

True workhorses with "K" Stick convenience.
These gun assemblies also accept “J” size sticks.





Models 10700 & 10760

These models feature double the capacicty to reduce loading
frequency when the operator is far from the lubricant supply.








Rated at 10,000 and 15,000 PSI

Standard and specialized NLGI No. 2, 3, and 4 lubricants in stick or bulk can be
applied with These Guns. Highly viscous lubricants, sealants, packings, and cleaners
can be pumped with ease.


Dualco Guns are ideal for pumping liquids and solids in controlled amounts, preventing waste and excess material discharge in the field and/or your work site. Dualco Screw Prime Guns are also used for applied hydrostatic testing on pipelines and wellhead valve feild testing.


A wide variety of standard and custom hose assemblies are available
to meet every application.










Field Service, Shop Repairs & Maintenance.
Lubricating Pumps, Ball, Gate & Plug Valves.
Pipeline Valves = 6A-6D.
Pipelines conveying chemicals, crude or refined oil, natural gas, lpg,
   hydrocarbons & other fuels, pumping &  compressor stations,
   refineries & chemical plants.
Gas & oil well drilling / production fields, steel mills, lumber & paper
   mills, asphalt, rubber, water & sewage treatment plants, heavy equipment,
   manufacturing, mining, marine, industrial and municipal utilities.

Rig Repairs / Draw Works
Sub Sea  BOPs






Rated from 10,000 to 15,000 PSI.
Superior performance with viscous lubricants, sealants, packing & cleaners.
Easily serviceable and all replacement parts are readily available.
Built-in check valve and pressure release on 15,000 psi models.
Easily refilled with grease in sticks or bulk.
Hardened, one piece precision ground plunger.
High strength screw handle.  Premium primer die spring.
Heavy duty metal construction.  Corrosion resistant.
Adjustable plunger packing.
“Sure Grip” surfaces.



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10,000 psi family



Material Loader

Ideal for loading cartridges such as Lubricant, Sealant, Packing, or Cleaner into DUALCO Hydraulic Grease Guns, Screw Prime Grease Guns, Air/Hydraulic and Hydraulic Injection Guns.


Material Loader

Model 11270

for Hydraulic Grease Guns and Air / Hydraulic Injection Guns


Model 11280

for Screw Prime Grease Guns


• Capacity: 12oz K-size stick

• Length: 13-1/4"

• Weight: 2.65 lb.

Use only for Non-Pressure applications.



Operate with Caution and Safety.

• Some Screw Prime gun assemblies do not contain an internal check valve in
the head assembly. When the lubricant task is complete, accumulated residual pressure
may be present. In these instances, BEFORE disengaging from the lubricant fitting,
turn the screw handle counter clockwise and raise the plunger to relieve pressure.






DUALCO has been producing Professional

lubrication products since 1960. Products

are made and assembled in the USA.

100% repairable and recyclable.