Custom Orders

DUALCO offers custom designed products, built to meet specific customers’ requirements. We also manufacture non-standard and made-to-order fittings, adapters, special tools, fasteners, and custom equipment. Options are available on all DUALCO product lines. Contract machining and assembly is also provided.


Product Training

DUALCO offers product training or instruction on all DUALCO manufactured equipment, whether it is standard or custom built.


Valve Maintenance Training

DUALCO offers comprehensive Valve Maintenance Training to engineers and valve service technicians or operators who maintain lubricated valves in the Energy Industry. Lubricated valves include Plug Valves, Ball Valves, and Gate Valves. This training can be presented to meet “Operator Qualification” requirements. It is also applicable for other industries utilizing lubricated valves or valves with secondary sealant options.


DUALCO offers product training either at the Customer’s or DUALCO’s facilities. Valve Maintenance Training is offered at conferences, in the classroom or at the Customer’s facility. “Hands-On” training is conducted in the field.



DUALCO offers consultation on appropriate lubricating equipment needed to meet specific customers’ requirements and applications. Consultation is also available for Valve Maintenance problems, and for all valves with secondary lubrication features, pump packing, fittings, adapters, lube/sealant selection and choice of valve cleaners. Guidance is also offered for types of tools, couplers or nozzle assemblies needed for specific applications.


Technical Support

DUALCO offers Customer assistance and problem diagnosis. Contacting DUALCO via phone, fax, e-mail, print or in person, to discuss specific needs or requirements for any services is welcome. Product literature, Instruction sheets, MSDS & Specification sheets are available.



DUALCO offers repair or rebuilding services for many DUALCO manufactured products, including Hydraulic Grease Guns. Replacement parts for DUALCO products are readily available. DUALCO also offers repair or rebuilding services for other manufacturer’s products.




DUALCO has been producing Professional

lubrication products since 1960. Products

are made and assembled in the USA.

100% repairable and recyclable.