has been manufacturing quality lubrication products since 1960.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing, knowledge of

industry processes, and work with various high performance valves.


DUALCO’s primary focus is manufacturing “handheld”

lubrication and packing devices. DUALCO also manufactures
couplers, fittings, adapters,
tools, and accessories.


Model 11725



All grease guns, couplers, fittings, and nozzle accessories available
from DUALCO have a proven history of quality performance and are well
suited to meet requirements for a wide variety of applications. Many of our

products have been in use for over 60 years.


These products are being used by technicians and distributors in light and heavy
industry, recreation, military and special applications. Other DUALCO products are
used to service High Performance Pumps and Plug Valves, Ball Valves, and Gate
Valves in the Oil and Natural Gas industry.









All of our products are highly modular in design, making

it easy to create exactly the lubrication tools you need.

Products are made and assembled in the USA.

100% repairable and recyclable.